Global Berry Category Service

Berries are packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They contain antioxidants that can help boost your immune system. Read more about the benefits of berries here.

Fresh Results blueberries


Fresh Results has been a leader in the blueberry category for years. We offer blueberries from all major growing regions in all popular pack styles.

Our berries are known for their amazing flavor, beautiful appearance and consistent size.

For nutritional value, read more about it here.

Blueberry Availability
Fresh Results strawberries


Fresh Results has berry farms in Florida, California, and Mexico that help us deliver a year-round supply of sweet, ripe and red strawberries.

Our plan is to always grow the very best varieties available by specific growing region to deliver premium berries all year round.

Strawberry Availability
Fresh Results blackberries


Fresh Results blackberries are big and beautiful and full of flavor.

Blackberry and Raspberry Availability
Fresh Results Raspberries


We are developing new varieties of raspberries in the USA and Mexico that will bring to market raspberries that are big, tasty and deliver a new value to consumers and chefs around the globe.

Blackberry and Raspberry Availability
Fresh Results Mangoes


For years now, Fresh Results imports some of the most amazing Haitian Mangos.

  • Full of flavor and sweetness.
  • A seasonal favorite in March, April and May.
Cilantro, Seasonal
Brussel Sprouts, Seasonal
Squash, Seasonal

Seasonal Vegetable Crops

Throughout the year, many of our berry growers farm select vegetable crops to accommodate crop rotation and to be a good steward of the land they farm on.

Fresh Results offers seasonal offerings of farm fresh and premium quality Cilantro, Brussel Sprouts, Squash and Asparagus.