Delivering Only the Best Berry Varieties

Fresh Results has developed ownership rights to some of the most amazing berry plant varieties in the world. Our breeding programs grow each year and are constantly improving.

We identify the very best growers around the world who share our passion to bring to market the best tasting, best shipping and best-looking berry varieties and we form exclusive partnerships to grow and market our amazing varieties. These amazing varieties are grown and packed exclusively in the Fresh Results Premium berry labels and select private labels for retailer and food service distribution programs.

Our breeding team is committed to identifying the very best regionally specific varieties to accommodate all berry growing regions around the world.

Our growers work in partnership with our breeding teams to bring these flavor-filled varieties to market.

Blueberry Varieties

Our blueberries are bred for taste, visual appeal and maximum shelf life. Sweet, crunchy and full of Fresh Results flavor! We have over 50 varietal options to offer growers so they can pick the best versions for their region, elevation and climate. We have varieties for all over the world.

Strawberry Varieties

We develop strawberry variety programs that fit the particular growing region’s needs to help growers produce the most flavor filled, ripe, red and tasty strawberries available.

Blackberry Varieties

Blackberry Variety

Our blackberry varieties are known for their rich color, large consistent size and sweet flavor.

Raspberry Varieties

Raspberry Variety

Our new raspberry varieties are now being propagated in nurseries to give growers amazing options to bring big, beautiful, tasty and long lasting raspberries to market in both Mexico and the United States.

Our Commitment to the World

Our growers have committed to identify the very best Fresh Results varieties and regionally specific varieties in their growing regions and they commit to our strict growing, agronomy, food safety and harvesting practices. Fresh Results is always the exclusive marketer of our proprietary varieties, 100% of the time.

Proprietary Varieties